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Good reasons for the "most ancient" of grains

Anyone not familiar with einkorn immediately asks two questions:

Why should we cultivate einkorn again and make it an integral part of our diets? What makes einkorn different from other kinds of cereals?

In short:

Its ancient nature: genetically, einkorn has preserved its original nature (diploid, "A genome") to this day. The ancient grain has not been subject to intensive breeding and is guaranteed to be GMO-free!

Its taste: the slightly nutty, full-bodied taste and golden-yellow colour caused by the high levels of carotenoids (lutein) are all characteristic of einkorn products. A culinary experience!

Our health: einkorn is vastly different to modern wheat varieties. This becomes clear, for example, in the way it acts when baked. The "most ancient" of cereals is considered to be particularly easy to digest and is also more nutrient rich (e.g. lutein, zinc, selenium, calcium and manganese) than many other wheat genus species. A real superfood cereal!

einkorn backen
einkorn backen
einkorn in scheiben geschnitten

Respect for nature and farmers: einkorn can grow in nutritionally poor soil, which makes it possible to grow it without the use of fertilisers and pesticides – ideal for organic farming systems and in regions of low agricultural competitiveness. Einkorn contributes to biodiversity in agriculture and to a fair relationship between farmers and consumers!

Giving traditional craftsmanship a chance to flourish: compared to "modern" wheat, einkorn requires a greater level of craftsmanship when making bread, bakery products, pasta or beer. The ancient grain offers classic artisan bakers ideal opportunities to inspire discerning customers with products of outstanding quality. Einkorn gives the trade an opportunity to distinguish itself through exclusive quality products for gourmets and nutrition-conscious people – products that the purely price-oriented retail trade (food retailers, discount shops) simply do not offer. Today more than ever, there's a great interest in natural, high-quality foods that can be consumed with enjoyment and complete trust. Einkorn is completely in keeping with current trends.